Advanced Diver

This is the fourth part of the BSAC syllabus and equivalent in standard to CMAS Three Star Diver. Advanced Diver relies more on a steady progression of skills and less on a formalised lesson structure. This advanced dive course consists of four classes, a theory assessment, two practical lessons on dry land, two lessons in open water and 20 open water dives totalling no less than 600 minutes underwater. Additionally the 20 open water dives must include at least three of the following: two-stop decompression dive, drift dive, tidal water dive. Half of the open water dives must be executed from a boat and six of them must go deeper than 30 metres.

Upon qualifying, an Advanced Diver should be able to engage in and oversee a range of challenging dive situations including excursions to unexplored dive sites. At this level a diver is considered to be a fully trained recreational scuba diver. He may wish to extend his own skills further or can move onto becoming a certified instructor or learning to become a technical diver.