Getting Started in Scuba Diving

There are a number of different worldwide accreditation systems to teach you how to scuba dive. The most popular one in the UK is BSAC. Otherwise known as the British Sub Aqua Club, BSAC is the biggest scuba diving club in the world with 55,000 individual members spread throughout some 1,600 branches. You can learn how to scuba dive with BSAC at one of its 200 schools and resort diving centres in the UK around the world. BSAC has been training people to dive since the 1950s and today they run an internationally recognised accreditation system.

Scuba training is split into several sections, allowing a novice scuba diver to get into the water as soon as possible, with more technical, deeper diving skills being learnt in later courses. Let’s take a look at the different scuba courses on offer and how you can get started in scuba diving.

  1. Ocean Diver
  2. Sports Diver
  3. Dive Leader
  4. Advanced Diver