Scuba Diving in Jersey

Jersey is the biggest of the channel islands. As it lies so far south, it has water temperatures that are considerably warmer than mainland UK, making it a more pleasant diving experience for everyone. Different species flourish in this warmer marine environment and there are even a few species particular to this area.

When diving in Jersey, you may be able to see a black face penny or luminous jewel anemones in pink, blue, green and orange. Exotic marine wildlife can be seen in the summer months, such as sea horses, dolphins and basking sharks. Jersey’s coastal seawater is of award-winning cleanliness and this is reflected in the abundance of sea life to be found there. Numerous dive sites operate in Jersey so all your needs as a diver will be well catered for.

Jersey has an extremely high tidal difference, where there can be as much discrepancy as 40 feet between high and low tide. This does provide a bit more of a challenge to divers as well as offering some truly incredible drift dives to the qualified. Here is a run-down of the best jersey scuba diving on offer:

  • The SS Schokland was a Dutch freighter under German control than went down after hitting a reef in 1943. The wreck stands upright and so offers varied depths between 20 and 30 metres. The shipwreck is absolutely covered in marine life, lobsters and conger eels can be found in the cargo holds but the passenger areas where the troops met a watery demise remain spookily empty. Official German claims that no women were onboard the boat have been sharply contested by the discovery of perfume bottles, high-heeled shoes and other feminine items. Many locals believe that these women were likely to have been French prostitutes, contracted to service the Axis troops.
  • Bouley Bay offers the most popular shore diving spot in Jersey. A protected cove sheltered by a granite wall on one side and a rocky outcrop on the other, Bouley Bay is home to an impressive array of marine life. Several species of crabs, wrasse, rays and lobsters can be found by scuba divers in the various habitats within Bouley Bay.
  • Saint Catherines Breakwater is another famous shore diving spot. It offers good visibility at high water and here the granite is covered with many interesting corals and the fish that make their home there. At the beginning of summer, you can witness an amazing spectacle as hundred of spider crabs descend upon the breakwater to mate with each other.