Scuba Diving in the Menai Strait, Wales

Adjacent to Snowdonia National Park, the Menai Strait in Wales offers one of the most diverse marine habitats in the UK and is a proposed conservation site. Poor visibility hampers conditions at this fantastic UK dive spot but when the water clears to a visibility of 3 to 4 metres you will be able to see some of the 1,000 odd marine species that inhabit this area. As it is yet to be granted the status of marine reserve, powerboats and jet-skis use the strait also – be extra aware of this potential hazard and avoid surfacing in the main channel.

  • The Swellies is a name given to a popular dive with reference to swellies rock. You can access this dive from the shore by using a submarine cable. The cable, going down to a maximum depth of 17 metres is highlighted by yellow signs situated underneath the bridge that spans the strait, this makes it nice and easy to find. After only a few metres, however, you will begin to find brightly coloured sponges of all colours and textures – too many to mention in one article! Crabs hide amongst the sponges in great number and variety. You can see spider crabs, velvet swimmers, scorpion spider crabs and edible varieties in abundance. Fish common to the Menai Strait include butterfish, conger eels hiding away and even large bass may be found sheltering behind large rocks. Be aware that there is a strong current running down the strait but you never more than a short swim away from shore.