Scuba Diving Organisations

It is a relatively easy process to become a scuba diver and there are several worldwide organisations set up to lead you through the training safely. Pretty much anyone can get qualified as a scuba diver as long as they stick to the syllabus and once you are accredited you can scuba dive at dive sites all over the world. Most diving accreditation systems recognise each other and have similar course content meaning you can often swap organisation part-way through your training.

  • BSAC. The British Sub Aqua Club have been training divers since 1953. Their accreditation is recognised worldwide and is one of the most comprehensive scuba diving training courses around.
  • SCOTSAC. The Scottish sub-aqua club has 1900 members spread over 70 branches throughout Scotland. They provide Sub Aqua training in person and plus loads of advice through their website.
  • PADI. The Professional Association of Scuba Divers run diving courses from beginner to technical diving. Their system is recognised all over the world.
  • NAUI. The world’s oldest diver training organisation with dive centres in a variety of countries.
  • CMAS. The World Underwater Federation offers diver training with worldwide recognition in a system based on stars.
  • NAS. The Nautical Archaeology Society run seminars and provide training for those interested in the UK’s undersea heritage.
  • The Cave Diving Group. The Group train cave and support cave divers in the UK for exploratory and recreational cave diving.
  • NACD. The National Association for Cave Diving is a US based organisation dedicated to the support and training of cave divers and further exploration of underwater cave habitats.
  • IANTD. The International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers is dedicated to furthering the understanding of Nitrox, technical and advanced diving worldwide. They also include free diving in their remit of specialities.
  • AIDA. The International Association for the Development of Free Diving was set up in 1993 to manage and oversee competitions, record attempts, and education in the sport of free diving.